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No matter how specific or diverse your requirements, we’ll help you fill that role.

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Hunter Talent boasts a diverse array of actors, models, creatives, and influencers. However, we are selective, choosing those with the unique spark for success. Our discerning approach attracts Australia’s finest talents, as well as leading brands and production companies seeking exceptional talent.

Management for Models

Curvy, slim, tall, short, old, young — we help models from a wide range of backgrounds connect with the right brands and photographers. Remember, no matter what your look or style is, you’re the perfect face for someone’s campaign. Learn more about our talent management for models.

Management for Actors

Thanks to the Hunter team’s talent management skills, our actors have worked with some of the biggest directors and production companies in the industry. If you want to take your acting career to the next level, then you’re in the right place. Learn more about our talent management for actors.

Management for Influencers

Finding the right brand that matches your ethos and online image can be quite tough. Finding a brand that matches both and is willing to pay for your services can be even tougher.
Luckily for you, that’s where we come in. Learn more about our talent management for influencers.

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Are you on the hunt for diverse, stellar talent for your next production? Or perhaps you’re in search of a fresh face for your next campaign. No matter how specific or diverse your requirements, we’ll help you fill that role.

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