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Melbourne, known as the cultural capital of Australia, boasts a vibrant and thriving acting and modelling industry. We are fortunate to be an integral part of this dynamic landscape. As the industry continues to expand, so does our prestigious client list, featuring both local talents and globally recognised names.

As a matter of fact, since we opened the doors to our Melbourne office, the agency has continued to experience incredible growth, with diverse talents joining us each and every month

Our spiritual home

As you may have guessed, Melbourne was the first city that we called home, and it’s where Hunter HQ is permanently located. Although we have offices in Sydney and Brisbane, and teams in both Perth here in Australia and Los Angeles in the USA, Melbourne will always be our spiritual home.

We have an amazing office in South Melbourne where we have a fully-equipped photo studio, and where our in-house photographer takes headshots and portfolio images for our Melbourne-based talents.

And when it comes to talents, wow, we’ve hit the jackpot in our hometown. We currently represent a hugely diverse range of talented individuals that make working with clients an absolute joy.

Looking for Talent

If you’re a casting director or photographer looking for fresh talent, then go ahead and give us a call or fill out our client contact form.

Hunter Talent




We hunt talent for the biggest brands and production 
companies in Australia and beyond. If you want to work with the best of the best, then you’re in the right place.

  • The Hunter talent team are amazing! From the moment I signed with them I felt so welcomed as part of the family and community they have established. The amazing team are so supportive of your goals and helping you realise them, and there is constant and transparent communication with their models in leading us to do so. So grateful to work with them.


    The team at Hunter Talent as absolute rock stars! After just a couple of job submissions, I was cast in a snack food TV Commercial. The process was slick and smooth from start to finish and I can't wait to grow this partnership more with the team. Thank you Hunter!

    Jason Spindlow Avatar Jason Spindlow

    Great Team! Very supportive and happy to assist anytime! It's been such an wonderful journey with HT, feeling very welcomed since day 1!

    Filipe Guerreiro Avatar Filipe Guerreiro
  • I booked my first job with Hunter Talent Agency this week. I was so thrilled and excited to be working in the entertainment industry. Hunter Talent was very responsive during this process and answered all of my questions promptly. They’re were also very kind! I can’t wait for my next job with them 😆

    tina atyabi Avatar tina atyabi

    The support I’ve received from all the team at Hunter Talent is unmatched! Everyone is so friendly and welcoming it really feels like a partnership working with them! I’ve only been signed for a short time and have been apart of some really cool meaningful projects! I’m so excited to keep working together and continuing this journey! Thank you so much!

    Ruby Donaldson Avatar Ruby Donaldson

    Working with Hunter is great! They are always applying with my profile and I’ve got a few auditions from which I got selected for an international brand.

    Lucero Alcalá Avatar Lucero Alcalá
  • I got my first tv gig with Hunter Talent, my excitement couldn’t be explained. I am thankful and looking forward to more opportunities that will lead to a fulfilled career in entertainment. My experience so far has been effortless.

    Mandy K. Avatar Mandy K.

    Booked a TVC a couple of weeks ago and had a great experience with Hunter Talent! They were so lovely, communicative and quick to respond to my questions! Thank you HT 🙂

    Natalie M Avatar Natalie M

    I am new into this entertainment industry and Hunter Talent has been super supportive in my journey. I have successfully been able to grab a few projects through them! Their communication is clear and up to date at all times. They have responded promptly to my queries. I would highly recommend this agency.

    Anu Saxena Avatar Anu Saxena
  • Hunter Talent has always had excellent communication. Information regarding shoots and auditions are always communicated clearly and the team are very friendly, open and helpful!

    Michelle Suwandy Avatar Michelle Suwandy

    The team at Hunter Talent have always been extremely lovely and supportive throughout my time working with them. I am grateful to have the support of a team of professionals that are fantastic at what they do and encourage me in my career path!

    Stephanie Y Avatar Stephanie Y

    Just want to thank Hunter Talent for putting me up for an Australia's Seniors Insurance TV add - my first professional add acting after being a musician for 39 years! Everything organised so well and I had a blast doing it. Fantastic film crew etc etc etc. Here's to more in this field and looking forward to seeing it on air in Feb or March 2024!

    Warwick Tyrrell Avatar Warwick Tyrrell
  • Amazing experience working with the team Atmosphere was beautiful. In the way. The art was designed was amazing. The support that we got from Hunter Talent was amazing, I’m excited for more opportunities in the future

    Karan Jamboj Avatar Karan Jamboj

    The entertainment business is tough to navigate. It doesn’t end with just booking gigs. It requires having the right mix of skills, creativity, time management & patience. Having a killer team in your corner, helping sharpen your game, is the difference between feeling alone or supported. The Hunter Talent team, are the best, they’re absolute beasts, they won’t stop until it’s hunted & the kill is on the table. The team are beyond supportive of myself, my creativity & guiding me with absolute professionalism. 5 stars killers.

    MJ Wilson Avatar MJ Wilson

    I only have joined with Hunter talent for a month. I recent got a gig. Well done!Hunter talent 😍

    One Manshow Avatar One Manshow
  • Hunter Talent is a fantastic agency, and everyone there is genuinely lovely. I hope to get more opportunities to work with you guys!

    Saskia Hardini Avatar Saskia Hardini

    Nothing but positive experiences when working with Hunter Talent agency. Every process is made easy when working with the team.I look forward to continually working closely with the team!

    Louisa Harrison Avatar Louisa Harrison

    I get lots of auditions and recently booked my first job in a CBA TVC. Thank you and well-done Hunter Talent.

    David Walander Avatar David Walander
  • Great agency - promote their talent widely and fairly. I have been very happy with the work so far.

    Janet de Castro Lopo Avatar Janet de Castro Lopo

    The team at Hunter Talent communicate really well and are very efficient when it comes to auditions and jobs. Friendly team!

    Sarah McCormick Avatar Sarah McCormick

    Professional and diligent and polite. Amazing people to work with. I'm looking forward to the next gig. I know I'll be looked after, again.

    Terrain Training Avatar Terrain Training
  • From Audition to Shoot Date, everything was a smooth and overall a seamless process. This was my first job with a huge retail brand. Communication from the Hunter team was excellent and everyone I worked with was warm, helpful and really lovely!


    Great expeince working with HT team completed my first project Prompt response and briefing about each project is very help full

    Mudassir Khan Avatar Mudassir Khan

    Absolutely amazing experience. I had a warm welcome and felt comfortable for the entire shoot.

    Lucas Searles Avatar Lucas Searles
  • Such an incredible agency. Very professional, but also are the kindest group of people and communicate very effectively. Got my first job within a month of being signed!

    Anais Hamilton Avatar Anais Hamilton

    Love the team! They are very professional and kind. They helped me score an amazing job 😊 I am extremely grateful ✨

    Eve Conomos Avatar Eve Conomos

    Great company to work for, always looking after their talent, would have no hesitation in working with them again

    Jill Davis Avatar Jill Davis
  • I feel so blessed to have Hunter Talent as my Agency, they are top tier! Being constantly put forward for jobs and advised on every step toward success makes this work so special. Hunter is more like a family unit than anything, I adore them! Absolutely consider Hunter Talent, it’s well worth it 🏼 🏼

    lauren black Avatar lauren black

    I've been with Hunter Talent for a year or so and am so glad I joined. I have landed various auditions and scored a few jobs. They work tirelessly to submit you for campaigns and are super friendly! Couldn't ask for more in an agent.

    Dhani Weir Avatar Dhani Weir

    Signed on excited to get started

    Josh Meeuwissen Avatar Josh Meeuwissen

Latest Articles

The best Melbourne talents, the best Melbourne clients

Since we first opened our doors, we’ve been highly selective about who we choose to represent and who we work with. 
This focus on talent and quality has helped us to build a reputation as the agency to work with for both clients and talents.

As a result, our talents have worked with global brands, the most famous local brands, and major production companies shooting both TV and feature length productions.

If you live in the Melbourne area and would love to work with clients like these, then there’s only one thing to do, right?

Our Melbourne-based talent agents are 
always on the lookout for fresh talent to satisfy our clients’ ever-changing needs.

Regardless of your age, skill, looks, or background—if you’re interested in working in the entertainment industry and need professional representation from the best in the business, then we want to talk to you.



From TV to feature films, commercials, and even music videos—our Melbourne-based clients are always looking for actors from different backgrounds. So, regardless of your experience or looks, we’re interested in speaking with you if you have a genuine interest in acting and are looking for professional representation and management for your acting career.


At Hunter Talent, one of our major strengths and the main reason our Melbourne clients keep coming back to us, is the diversity of our models. We manage models of all shapes and sizes, both young and old, and from a wide range of cultural backgrounds. Whether you’re pierced, tattooed, or have a completely natural look—there are modelling opportunities out there that are perfect for you.


There are influencers in every niche imaginable, so no matter what industries or demographics you target, we’d love to hear from you. All we ask is that you have an established audience that not only follows and consumes your content but also engages with it too. So if you’re an influencer based here in Melbourne, give us a call and let’s talk about managing your career.


A creative is someone who creates art, and that art can be delivered through a diverse range of mediums. From poetry to sculpture, performance art to music—whatever your medium, if you’re a creative based in Melbourne, we’d love to hear about your work and help you kickstart your career and share your art and creativity with the world.


Hunter Talent represents actors, models, creatives, and influencers aged 18 years and over.

We’re dedicated to unearthing the brightest talent and matching them with the best opportunities. Whether you’re an actor or a model, a creative or an influencer, you want to work with Australia’s leading brands, right? Well, we can help with that. With decades of experience in the industry, our agents have the contacts to get your portfolio in front of the right people.

We’re also a sister agency to Australia’s longest-running child talent agency Bubblegum Casting. While Bubblegum specialises in child talent.

Yes and no. We represent actors, models, creatives, and influencers aged 18 and over.

We love people of all ages, shapes, sizes, and cultural backgrounds.

If you have talent, the will to succeed, and a solid work ethic, then you could be a good fit for Hunter Talent.

However, If you think this industry is good for a quick buck, then sorry but we probably won’t be able to work together.

Call us old-fashioned, but we like to meet before we sign anyone to our books.

You can fill out our online application form and we’ll be in touch if we think you might be a good fit for the agency.

Hunter Talent has helped many of Australia’s leading brands and production companies find the right talent for their projects.

You can check out our list of clients right here. You should recognize a name or two 🙂

That’s the million dollar question right there.

The truth is that we have no idea, as it all depends on your suitability to a role and a client’s requirements.

One thing we are sure of is that we’ll promote the hell out of you.

If a suitable brief comes in, we’ll make damn sure the right people see your portfolio.

The rest is up to you.

We’re a boutique agency and that means that we place quality over quantity in everything we do.

We have about 300 super-talented folk on our books, and we can vouch for the professionalism of each and every one. We can probably even tell you how they all like their coffee too.

That’s a definite no.

Seriously, when two agencies put you forward for the same role, it looks super unprofessional for both you and the agencies involved. Don’t do this thinking you’ll get more work because it could hurt your career.

This depends on the job in question, but our commission ranges from 10 – 20%.

No, we do not charge fees to join the agency. However, we do require you to pay for portal subscriptions that are critical casting tools for the entertainment industry.

We also require you to have high-quality, professional headshots. If you don’t already have headshots, we can organise a shoot with one of our amazing in-house photographers for a reasonable fee.

Yes, we have a commission agreement that you sign when you join the agency. This is a legally binding document and it’s there to protect everyone involved (that means you too).

The commission agreement is usually for a period of twelve months as this gives us plenty of time to put your forward for suitable opportunities.

The commission agreement can be terminated at any time by mutual consent because after all, sometimes things just don’t work out.

Oh, yeah! Nothing like paying less tax, right?

Any payment made for casting portals and headshots are tax deductible if you make enough money to cross the tax threshold.

We’re going to stop right there though. We’re not tax consultants and we think you really should speak to someone who knows more about tax laws and finances.

Ready to elevate your career?

Your Access to a world of opportunities starts here.



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