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who we are

Hunter Talent is an Australian-based talent agency representing adults aged 18 or over. A sister agency to Bubblegum Casting, Australia’s longest-running child talent agency, we work with actors, models, creatives, and influencers. We pride ourselves on helping our talents find the right opportunities to grow their careers.

We recognise potential

At Hunter Talent, recognising the potential of talented individuals is our bread and butter. And believe it or not, we’re not just talking about the talented actors and models on our books.

That’s why we invest heavily in the development of our team on an ongoing basis. From in-house mentorship to upskilling opportunities, we’re more than happy to help our team members fulfil their true potential.

We champion diversity

We believe that diversity is key to our success, both in terms of the talent we represent and the team that works behind the scenes. This is why we promote a diverse and inclusive working culture where people are valued for their skills and dedication, and where everyone feels welcome at all times.

Why join Hunter Talent?

  • Be part of Australia’s fastest growing talent group.
  • Remote working opportunities.
  • Open door policy.
  • Potential for personal & professional growth.
  • Competitive salary.
  • Diverse working culture.

Hunter Talent


Send an application for one of our available roles.

Attend an online interview with your future manager.

Complete a short work-based skills test.

We evaluate your application and make a decision.

You celebrate landing an amazing new job!

Careers at Hunter Talent

Talent Agent

Talent Agents are responsible for representing and managing the careers of artists and performers. They negotiate contracts, secure gigs, and provide career guidance to their clients.

Booking Agent

Booking Agents focus specifically on finding and securing performance opportunities for artists. They work with event promoters, venues, and other agents to book shows, tours, and appearances.

Talent Scout

Talent Scouts actively search for emerging talent in various fields such as acting, music, and modeling. They attend shows, review portfolios, and recommend new talent to the agency.

Work With Us

Our team is looking for passionate individuals who share our vision for discovering and promoting exceptional talent in the child modelling and acting industry. We offer a range of exciting career opportunities, along with comprehensive training and development programs.


Hunter Talent represents actors, models, creatives, and influencers aged 18 years and over.

We’re dedicated to unearthing the brightest talent and matching them with the best opportunities. Whether you’re an actor or a model, a creative or an influencer, you want to work with Australia’s leading brands, right? Well, we can help with that. With decades of experience in the industry, our agents have the contacts to get your portfolio in front of the right people.

We’re also a sister agency to Australia’s longest-running child talent agency Bubblegum Casting. While Bubblegum specialises in child talent.

Yes and no. We represent actors, models, creatives, and influencers aged 18 and over.

We love people of all ages, shapes, sizes, and cultural backgrounds.

If you have talent, the will to succeed, and a solid work ethic, then you could be a good fit for Hunter Talent.

However, If you think this industry is good for a quick buck, then sorry but we probably won’t be able to work together.

Call us old-fashioned, but we like to meet before we sign anyone to our books.

You can fill out our online application form and we’ll be in touch if we think you might be a good fit for the agency.

Hunter Talent has helped many of Australia’s leading brands and production companies find the right talent for their projects.

You can check out our list of clients right here. You should recognize a name or two 🙂

That’s the million dollar question right there.

The truth is that we have no idea, as it all depends on your suitability to a role and a client’s requirements.

One thing we are sure of is that we’ll promote the hell out of you.

If a suitable brief comes in, we’ll make damn sure the right people see your portfolio.

The rest is up to you.

We’re a boutique agency and that means that we place quality over quantity in everything we do.

We have about 300 super-talented folk on our books, and we can vouch for the professionalism of each and every one. We can probably even tell you how they all like their coffee too.

That’s a definite no.

Seriously, when two agencies put you forward for the same role, it looks super unprofessional for both you and the agencies involved. Don’t do this thinking you’ll get more work because it could hurt your career.

This depends on the job in question, but our commission ranges from 10 – 20%.

No, we do not charge fees to join the agency. However, we do require you to pay for portal subscriptions that are critical casting tools for the entertainment industry.

We also require you to have high-quality, professional headshots. If you don’t already have headshots, we can organise a shoot with one of our amazing in-house photographers for a reasonable fee.

Yes, we have a commission agreement that you sign when you join the agency. This is a legally binding document and it’s there to protect everyone involved (that means you too).

The commission agreement is usually for a period of twelve months as this gives us plenty of time to put your forward for suitable opportunities.

The commission agreement can be terminated at any time by mutual consent because after all, sometimes things just don’t work out.

Oh, yeah! Nothing like paying less tax, right?

Any payment made for casting portals and headshots are tax deductible if you make enough money to cross the tax threshold.

We’re going to stop right there though. We’re not tax consultants and we think you really should speak to someone who knows more about tax laws and finances.

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