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Empowering Talented Individuals with Disabilities to Succeed and Shine with Confidence

Welcome to Hunter Talent, where we champion talented individuals with disabilities who aim to thrive in the competitive entertainment industry. Our mission is clear: to provide tailored support and guidance so that every talent can confidently shine and reach their full potential.

At Hunter Talent, we are dedicated to boosting confidence and nurturing the unique abilities of talents with disability. Our agency is committed to guiding aspiring models and actors to achieve their dreams. With our team of experienced industry professionals, we offer personalised support every step of the way, from creating impressive portfolios to securing auditions and casting opportunities. 

Join us to connect with a vast network of industry contacts and receive the mentorship necessary to flourish in entertainment. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to kickstart your career with Hunter Talent and confidently showcase your talent.

Why Choose Hunter Talent?

Celebrate your potential at Hunter Talent, where we are dedicated to empowering talented individuals with disabilities to succeed and shine with confidence in the entertainment industry.

  • Personalised Guidance: Get customised support to overcome challenges and elevate your modelling and acting skills, allowing you to showcase your unique potential.
  • Industry Opportunities: Access exclusive auditions, casting calls, and valuable industry connections, paving the way to success.
  • Empowerment and Recognition: Join a community that celebrates achievements and empowers you to pursue your dreams confidently.

Join Hunter Talent today and discover how we can help you celebrate your potential and achieve success in your entertainment career.


At Hunter Talent, we believe in celebrating the potential of every individual and empowering talents with disabilities to thrive in the competitive entertainment industry. Our commitment is to provide tailored support and guidance, ensuring you can confidently pursue your dreams.

Our Commitment to You:

  • Personalised Support: Receive dedicated guidance and mentorship to navigate the entertainment industry effectively.
  • Access Equal Opportunities: You will have access to auditions, casting calls, and industry connections that are on par with those available to abled individuals, ensuring fairness and inclusivity.
  • Inclusive Environment: Celebrate diversity in a supportive environment where every talent has the opportunity to shine.
  • Empowerment and Confidence: Learn the skills and confidence needed to succeed, supported by experienced industry professionals.

Join Hunter Talent today and embark on a journey where your potential is celebrated and empowered.

Tips for Talented Individuals with Disabilities at Hunter Talent

1. Embrace Your Uniqueness
Your unique abilities and experiences make you stand out. Highlight your strengths and let your individuality shine in your portfolio and auditions.

2. Be Confident and Prepared
Confidence is crucial in the entertainment industry. Be authentic and let your true personality shine. Regularly practise your skills, attend workshops, rehearse lines, and refine poses to stay sharp. Consistent preparation helps you stay ready for any opportunity.

3. Use Available Resources
Take advantage of the personalised support and mentorship Hunter Talent offers for continuous improvement. Use feedback to grow and enhance your talents.

4. Network and Connect
Build relationships within the industry by attending events, joining online communities, and engaging with professionals. A strong network can open up new opportunities and provide valuable insights.

5. Stay Positive and Take Care of Yourself
Rejections are part of the journey. Stay positive, keep pushing forward, and remember that every experience is a step towards your ultimate goal. Maintaining a healthy balance between work and personal life ensures you have a strong support system and take time to relax and recharge.

Join Us!

Are you ready to advance your modelling and acting career with Hunter Talent? Here’s how you can get involved:

  • Apply Now: Begin your journey with Hunter Talent by completing our application form. Whether you’re starting or aiming to elevate your career, we’re here to support you!
  • Stay Connected: Follow us on social media to stay informed about the latest casting calls, modelling opportunities, events, and success stories from our talents with disability.
  • Collaborate: Partner with us and our industry connections to create more opportunities for talents with disabilities.

Apply Today!

Don’t miss the opportunity to showcase your talent and identity on stage, screen, and the catwalk. Apply now and become part of our inclusive community at Hunter Talent!

Spread the Word: Share this page with your network and help us discover the next generation of stars with disabilities.

Together, let’s celebrate and empower talents with disabilities across the entertainment industry. Your potential deserves to shine bright!

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  • The Hunter talent team are amazing! From the moment I signed with them I felt so welcomed as part of the family and community they have established. The amazing team are so supportive of your goals and helping you realise them, and there is constant and transparent communication with their models in leading us to do so. So grateful to work with them.


    The team at Hunter Talent as absolute rock stars! After just a couple of job submissions, I was cast in a snack food TV Commercial. The process was slick and smooth from start to finish and I can't wait to grow this partnership more with the team. Thank you Hunter!

    Jason Spindlow Avatar Jason Spindlow

    Great Team! Very supportive and happy to assist anytime! It's been such an wonderful journey with HT, feeling very welcomed since day 1!

    Filipe Guerreiro Avatar Filipe Guerreiro
  • I booked my first job with Hunter Talent Agency this week. I was so thrilled and excited to be working in the entertainment industry. Hunter Talent was very responsive during this process and answered all of my questions promptly. They’re were also very kind! I can’t wait for my next job with them 😆

    tina atyabi Avatar tina atyabi

    The support I’ve received from all the team at Hunter Talent is unmatched! Everyone is so friendly and welcoming it really feels like a partnership working with them! I’ve only been signed for a short time and have been apart of some really cool meaningful projects! I’m so excited to keep working together and continuing this journey! Thank you so much!

    Ruby Donaldson Avatar Ruby Donaldson

    Working with Hunter is great! They are always applying with my profile and I’ve got a few auditions from which I got selected for an international brand.

    Lucero Alcalá Avatar Lucero Alcalá
  • I got my first tv gig with Hunter Talent, my excitement couldn’t be explained. I am thankful and looking forward to more opportunities that will lead to a fulfilled career in entertainment. My experience so far has been effortless.

    Mandy K. Avatar Mandy K.

    Booked a TVC a couple of weeks ago and had a great experience with Hunter Talent! They were so lovely, communicative and quick to respond to my questions! Thank you HT 🙂

    Natalie M Avatar Natalie M

    I am new into this entertainment industry and Hunter Talent has been super supportive in my journey. I have successfully been able to grab a few projects through them! Their communication is clear and up to date at all times. They have responded promptly to my queries. I would highly recommend this agency.

    Anu Saxena Avatar Anu Saxena
  • Hunter Talent has always had excellent communication. Information regarding shoots and auditions are always communicated clearly and the team are very friendly, open and helpful!

    Michelle Suwandy Avatar Michelle Suwandy

    The team at Hunter Talent have always been extremely lovely and supportive throughout my time working with them. I am grateful to have the support of a team of professionals that are fantastic at what they do and encourage me in my career path!

    Stephanie Y Avatar Stephanie Y

    Just want to thank Hunter Talent for putting me up for an Australia's Seniors Insurance TV add - my first professional add acting after being a musician for 39 years! Everything organised so well and I had a blast doing it. Fantastic film crew etc etc etc. Here's to more in this field and looking forward to seeing it on air in Feb or March 2024!

    Warwick Tyrrell Avatar Warwick Tyrrell
  • Amazing experience working with the team Atmosphere was beautiful. In the way. The art was designed was amazing. The support that we got from Hunter Talent was amazing, I’m excited for more opportunities in the future

    Karan Jamboj Avatar Karan Jamboj

    The entertainment business is tough to navigate. It doesn’t end with just booking gigs. It requires having the right mix of skills, creativity, time management & patience. Having a killer team in your corner, helping sharpen your game, is the difference between feeling alone or supported. The Hunter Talent team, are the best, they’re absolute beasts, they won’t stop until it’s hunted & the kill is on the table. The team are beyond supportive of myself, my creativity & guiding me with absolute professionalism. 5 stars killers.

    MJ Wilson Avatar MJ Wilson

    I only have joined with Hunter talent for a month. I recent got a gig. Well done!Hunter talent 😍

    One Manshow Avatar One Manshow
  • Hunter Talent is a fantastic agency, and everyone there is genuinely lovely. I hope to get more opportunities to work with you guys!

    Saskia Hardini Avatar Saskia Hardini

    Nothing but positive experiences when working with Hunter Talent agency. Every process is made easy when working with the team.I look forward to continually working closely with the team!

    Louisa Harrison Avatar Louisa Harrison

    I get lots of auditions and recently booked my first job in a CBA TVC. Thank you and well-done Hunter Talent.

    David Walander Avatar David Walander
  • Great agency - promote their talent widely and fairly. I have been very happy with the work so far.

    Janet de Castro Lopo Avatar Janet de Castro Lopo

    The team at Hunter Talent communicate really well and are very efficient when it comes to auditions and jobs. Friendly team!

    Sarah McCormick Avatar Sarah McCormick

    Professional and diligent and polite. Amazing people to work with. I'm looking forward to the next gig. I know I'll be looked after, again.

    Terrain Training Avatar Terrain Training
  • From Audition to Shoot Date, everything was a smooth and overall a seamless process. This was my first job with a huge retail brand. Communication from the Hunter team was excellent and everyone I worked with was warm, helpful and really lovely!


    Great expeince working with HT team completed my first project Prompt response and briefing about each project is very help full

    Mudassir Khan Avatar Mudassir Khan

    Absolutely amazing experience. I had a warm welcome and felt comfortable for the entire shoot.

    Lucas Searles Avatar Lucas Searles
  • Such an incredible agency. Very professional, but also are the kindest group of people and communicate very effectively. Got my first job within a month of being signed!

    Anais Hamilton Avatar Anais Hamilton

    Love the team! They are very professional and kind. They helped me score an amazing job 😊 I am extremely grateful ✨

    Eve Conomos Avatar Eve Conomos

    Great company to work for, always looking after their talent, would have no hesitation in working with them again

    Jill Davis Avatar Jill Davis
  • I feel so blessed to have Hunter Talent as my Agency, they are top tier! Being constantly put forward for jobs and advised on every step toward success makes this work so special. Hunter is more like a family unit than anything, I adore them! Absolutely consider Hunter Talent, it’s well worth it 🏼 🏼

    lauren black Avatar lauren black

    I've been with Hunter Talent for a year or so and am so glad I joined. I have landed various auditions and scored a few jobs. They work tirelessly to submit you for campaigns and are super friendly! Couldn't ask for more in an agent.

    Dhani Weir Avatar Dhani Weir

    Signed on excited to get started

    Josh Meeuwissen Avatar Josh Meeuwissen

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